Monthly Archives: September 2016

Competing at WorldSkills

WorldSkills presents South Africa with an opportunity to showcase the country’s skills development and technical talents to the rest of the world, and the RMI is proud to be the custodian of the three motor skills categories.


Long standing SAMBRA Members, SAMRAND Panel Beaters, specialise in non-structural motor body repair; including paintless dent removal, hail damage, and spray painting.

Fraudulent Activity

Please be on the lookout for fraudsters as their modus operandi is becoming much more professional.


In order to ensure our Members are equipped to remain in compliance with the new B-BBEE Codes, SAMBRA have engaged a consulting partner to support a Transformation roll-out that aims to support these compliance efforts.

Featured Member: Celette SA – Gauteng

“Inventors, pioneers and world leaders of vehicle chassis repair systems!” – Celette SA, industry leaders for over 35 years. Equipment suppliers to the Motor Body Repair Industry.

Checking your vehicle’s fluid levels

Checking fluid (oil, water, brake fluid) levels regularly as well as changing fluid filters can prolong your vehicle’s life as well as optimise performance. Often preventing breakdowns. It’s important that you, as the vehicle owner and driver, know how and where to check your fluids.

Petrol – Cheaper isn’t always better

According to the Automobile Association (AA) many drivers opt for the cheapest petrol when filling up. This could be causing more damage than you think, which can eventually end up costing you more than you bargained for in the long run.

Featured Member: Ludski & Sons – Cape Town

Been in a fender bender in Cape Town and need a quick repair. Trust Ludski & Sons for all your repair needs. Nothing beats experience and this family of repairers have tons of it. Over 20 years in the industry means you can have absolute peace of mind when Ludski is around!