Monthly Archives: February 2017

SAMBRA Directory

The SAMBRA Members’ Noticeboard and Directory offers a secure environment to advertise and trade with other SAMBRA members. Read more about great offerings in your area.

Yellow Lane Driving Debunked

There is a common perception amongst motorists that cars have right of way over trucks. Unfortunately, many motorists believe truck drivers are obligated to move out of the way of faster vehicles. This results in an expectation that truck drivers must always drive in the emergency or yellow lane to make way for cars. Read the truth here.

WIN A Trip For 4 To Watch The Cape Town 7s

Do you use the Lightstone Consumer Echo System? Then this is your lucky day! All SAMBRA members that are active on the Echo MBR platform are invited to be a part of their first annual Super Rugby Predictor Competition, and YOU could win a trip for 4 to watch the Cape Town 7s!

MEMBERS: The NEW Vehicle Check-In Document Has Arrived!

Great news for all SAMBRA members is that the all-new SAMBRA Vehicle Check-In Document has arrived. This document is a must-have in every panel shop, and provides a practical and visual check-list to enhance transparency between you and your customers. (Locked for members only – please log in to view.)

SAF Newsflash

The RMI and the Motor Industry Staff Association (MISA) concluded a Sick-, Accident- and Maternity Pay Fund agreement. Employees of RMI member shops will now enjoy the benefits of this Fund.

RMI Black Female Management Development Project

Member companies that are interested in participating in the Black Female Management Development Project are requested to nominate potential candidates. Read more about the project and the nomination process, and submit your nominations by 2 March 2017.

Level 3B Water Restrictions

The Western Cape Government has implimented Level 3B water restrictions in light of the recent draught. Cape Town is in desperate need of rain. Here’s how to save water at home.