Monthly Archives: September 2017

N2 Qualification Before Applying For A Final Trade Test

As part of your continuous development – and specifically in relation to training as an RMI strategic objective – please note that NAMB regulations stipulate that ALL apprentices registered after 1 April 2015 must present a full N2 qualification before applying for a final trade test.

B-BBEE FOCUS: Disempower The Youth

Dionne Kerr has long had a concern about the messaging around Transformation which seems to be transpiring in the market today, and the ‘cart or horse’ of who is to blame. The reality is, that it is time for us to fix this…

SAMBRA MEMBER FEEDBACK REQUIRED: SABS/TC 022 – Construction Of Motor Vehicles

Three draft South African Standards (DSS) have been released for comment: (a) Wheel flaps fitted to motor vehicles; (b) Uniform provisions concerning the approval of vehicles with regard to the protection of the occupants in the event of a lateral collision; (c) Uniform provisions concerning the approval of rear fog lamps  for power driven vehicles and their trailers.

Windscreens & Safety

Did You Know: Windscreens play an important role in vehicle safety. Keeping them in good condition is essential not only for visibility but also the structural integrity of your vehicle. Read more about the importance of windscreens and windscreen diagnostics.

Fuel Price Increases

With extreme fuel price increases in the past month, South Africans are feeling the financial pressure of owning their own vehicles. Luckily, Wheels24 have some great tips for maintianing your vehicle and keeping costs low. Read them here!

Drinking & Driving

While we all know the dangers of drinking and driving, many of us have gotten behind the wheel after “just one or two”. The life-long consequences of drinking and driving are not worth it. Don’t drink and drive!