Monthly Archives: January 2018

Hijacking in SA: How thieves choose their victims, cars

Reading Time: 3 minutesJanine Van der Post from Wheels24 spoke with Ryno Schutte (from Pro-active SA) about hijackings in South Africa. Through Ryno, Wheels24 have provided a guide on how hiijackers choose their victims and cars, and the financial impact of hijackings. 

Quote or estimate from your mechanic – know the difference

Reading Time: 2 minutesKnowing the difference between a quote and an estimate will save you a lot of time and stress when you take your car in for repairs. In an article posted on RMI, Pieter Niemand explains the difference so that you know what will happen to your car when you take it in for repairs! 

RMI4Law: Can Uncollected Property Be Sold?

Reading Time: 1 minuteWhat happens when a customer fails to collect their property (i.e. a vehicle dropped off for repairs)? Does ownership transfer to your business after a while? Can you sell it? Read on for important information around your rights and responsibilities when it comes to unclaimed property…

All You Need To Know About A Rejected Car Insurance Claim

Reading Time: 2 minutesPaying your car insurance premium every month does not guarantee you a hefty payout when you submit a claim. In fact, many motorists are caught by surprise when their insurance claims are partially or completely rejected. Here are some reasons why your claim may be rejected…