Monthly Archives: February 2018

How old are your tyres really?

Most people rely on a tyre’s tread depth to determine its condition but the rubber compounds in a tyre deteriorate over time, regardless of the condition of the tread. An old tyre can be just as hazardous as a tyre with worn tread. Pieter Niemand explains what to look for when examining you tyres for old age.

2018 will pose new challenges around Industry 4.0

While the manufacturing world is moving towards a new technology-driven economy, the vocational and skills development training sector is lagging behind. The merSETA needs to prepare for this new paradigm and the effects that it will have. Dr Raymond Patel, CEO of merSETA, discusses how the merSETA will tackle these challenges.

12 Tips For Dealing With Tow Truck Operators

Getting involved in  accident is quite stressful and having to deal with Tow Truck Operators in the aftermath can add to this. Wheels24 has created a list of 12 tips for dealing with tow truck operators to ensure that you and your car are assisted in a simple and safe manner.