Monthly Archives: April 2018

I Lost My Trade Certificate. Where Can I Go?

Reading Time: 1 minuteIf you lost your Trade Certificate, help is at hand. Depending on whether you received your certificate before or after 2013, read on for more information on the actions you need to take to apply for a replacement.

Don’t Be Pressured by Tow Truck Drivers

Reading Time: 2 minutesTow truck drivers offer a valuable service and if you are in an accident or break down on the side of the road, they are there to help you. However, it is important to know your rights when dealing with tow truck drivers.

SAMBRA News: Eastern Cape and Border Region

Reading Time: 1 minuteEastern Cape and Border Region Member News. Fifteen of the twenty audited members passed the inspection and are now certified on the new national standard. They will receive their certificate from Bureau Veritas soon.