Member Report Back: SAMBRA Pretoria General Meeting – 11 June 2018

As reported by Uvashen Bramiah, SAMBRA Association Representative for Pretoria and Northern Regions.

The SAMBRA General Meeting for the Pretoria Region took place at the Pretoria, office in Lynwood on 11 June 2018, with members travelling as far as from Bela Bela, Centurion and Witbank.

Chairperson Marlene Gargulho welcomed all members.

Several important industry topics were discussed, including:

  • SAMBRA will focus on the Bureau Veritas audit and VDQ applications and assist members in this regard.
  • Members were reminded to apply for their Bureau Veritas audit before 30 September as this is the final date given by SAIA to comply. OEM’s and insurers will request the Bureau Veritas grading before doing business with MBR companies in the near future.
    Members were reminded to make arrangements with Bureau Veritas to book an audit date when they half completed the “self-assessment process.
  • One of the biggest challenges in the industry is business sustainability in South Africa. SAIA, along with industry role players have made funds available for assisting businesses as the DTI BBSDP Program has been put on hold in order to catch up with the backlog. Members will be notified when applications reopen.
  • Artisan skills in South Africa lack tremendously and requires serious attention and intervention. All role players should actively get involved in selecting and training quality artisans for now and the future.
  • Members were reminded to:
    • register their estimators as Vehicle Damage Quantifiers by joining the Vehicle Damage Quantifier Governing Body of South Africa;
    • comply with the new national standard and receive their National Grading through Bureau Veritas;
    • participate in the Siyakha Survey. This feedback is absolutely crucial if SAMBRA is to approach the Government for assistance in this matter, as it will support SAMBRA’s BBBEE strategy.
      The objective of the Siyakha survey is to, based on the results, develop a Position Document to present to the DTI to reconsider the application of new codes on Small and Medium enterprises - specifically family owned businesses. Alternatively SAMBRA would like to propose empowerment initiatives to government as a collective to address BBBEE objectives.

The meeting was adjourned with a vote of thanks to the Chairperson and all attending members.


Sessions Facilitator: Randall Langenhoven.

The objective of the sessions were clarified at the commencement of each session. These sessions were designed to be participative in nature and very practical in approach.

Members soon realised that the system, although flawed, can be beneficial if utilised to its full potential - exploiting all features and repair methodologies.

Robust debate and technical discussions arose at each session and members who were in attendance benefited and learnt from each other.

Randall emphasised that consistency, fairness and using the system responsibly is the key to accurate damage quantification, and that if you cannot substantiate quoting for something or a repair process, then do not quote for it.

Some finer technical faults were identified and will be tabled at the Audatex Technical User Group meeting by SAMBRA Representatives, Charles and Dean.

Evaluation data of the sessions will be collated and a full stats report will be presented to SAMBRA Regional Executive Committees and the SAMBRA NEC.

Member’s feedback and comment in all Regions covered thus far is that they would like to see more Information Sessions covering topics of relevance.