Report Back: SAMBRA Border Region AGM

The Border SAMBRA AGM took place at the East London Golf Club on 3 October 2018.

The meeting was well attended and regional chairperson Bruce Cumming welcomed all and thanked them for taking time out of their busy schedules to attend.

A special word of welcome was extended to Jeanne Esterhuizen, our SAMBRA National Chairlady and RMI President as well as the newly appointed SAMBRA national director, Richard Green.

The Border SAMBRA Regional Committee was confirmed during the meeting and with Andre Els no longer available, Kubesh Naidu from Star Centre was elected as the new SAMBRA vice chairperson for the Border region. Congratulations Kubesh.

City Paint & Tool demonstrated the heat inductor which can be used to safely remove windscreens, quarter vent glass and trim panels. The chairman advised members that the heat inductor is cost effective and saves the MBR substantial time and money. There could also be a cost saving for the insurance companies in the long run.

Richard Green reminded members of the importance of participating in industry related events like the SAMBRA Industry survey, which to date, has seen a very poor response level. To remain a force in the Motor Body repair industry, businesses have to stay in touch with changes that occur on a day to day basis in their industry.

In order to do this, members were encouraged to attend General and AGM meetings on a regular basis and to read the SAMBRA newsletters.

Due to the fact that SAMBRA finances are currently in a healthy state, it was decided to use some of the money for branding and advertising as well a brand awareness campaign to make the consumer aware why they must use the services of an accredited SAMBRA/RMI member.

The SAMBRA logo is revamped and members will be blown away when they see it. This will be rolled out in January 2019.

The SAMBRA national executive committee is striving to maintain collaborative partnerships in order to manage industry critical issues.

SAMBRA members are still not receiving fair value from the short-term insurance Industry. In addition to that, shouldering costs that previously sat within the insurer space, further exacerbates SAMBRA members' financial position.

Richard Green would like to see both parties working together far more collaboratively in good faith with both sides feeling they are getting fair value from their work. The meeting was adjourned with a word of thanks to Jeanne Esterhuizen, Richard Green and all attending this event.

Border SAMBRA Regional Committee:

  • Bruce Cumming - Chairman
  • Kubesh Naidu - Vice Chairperson
  • Kathy Naude - Committee Member
  • Corrie Strydom - Committee Member
  • Etienne Goosen - Committee Member

Lucky prize draw:

  1. City Paint & Tool - Prize: New Car Kit - Won by Ray Giese.
  2. BASF - Prize: product voucher to the value of R 3000.00 - Won by Kubesh Naidu.

Thanks to City Paint & Tool and BASF for their kind sponsorship.