REPORT BACK: SAMBRA Southern Cape, Eastern Cape and Border Region Audatex Information Sessions & General Meetings – May 2018

Feedback from Abie Kriek regarding the Audatex Information Sessions and General Meetings, presented to the SAMBRA Southern Cape, Eastern Cape and Border Regions in May 2018... 

The Audatex Information Sessions, followed by the General Meetings, presented to the Southern Cape, Eastern Cape and Border regions during the month of May 2018, were a huge success.

Randall Langenhoven, SAMBRA director Eddie Martin and I traveled to George, Port Elizabeth and Stutterheim for the events taking place on 22 May (Pine Lodge George), 23 May (RMI Office Port Elizabeth) and 24 May (The Manderson Hotel Stutterheim) respectively.

These Information Sessions and General meetings were well attended.

Randall Langenhoven expertly put together and facilitated these Audatex information sessions, and members made full use of this value adding opportunity to familiarise themselves and improve their knowledge with the Audatex quoting process.

In a practical demonstration, Randall displayed an accident damage Volkswagen Polo on one screen, while a second screen displayed a live Audatex quote to be done on this vehicle.

The Audatex sessions lasted up to three hours each, and there was never a dull moment, with attending members energetically participating in the sessions.

The post-session feedback displayed a distinct improvement in members' understanding of the Audatex quoting process, and attendees were empowered to return to their businesses with new-found knowledge on how to get the most out of the system.

Members were once again advised to report all Audatex queries and areas of concern to the Audatex Technical Committee for discussion and action.

Members who did not take up the opportunity to attend this incredible value-added information session definitely lost out on the chance to gain additional insights. Please make an effort to attend when the opportunity presents itself again in the future.

Thank you to all members who took time out of their busy schedules to attend. A big thank you also goes to Randall Langenhoven and Eddie Martin for availing themselves for these sessions.

See you at the next information session and/or member meeting!

Audatex Information Session: Border


Audatex Information Session: Eastern Cape

Audatex Information Session: Southern Cape