SAMBRA Annual Member Survey – What You Need To Know

Every year SAMBRA determines the best insurer within the industry as rated by its members.

In recent years SAMBRA has taken a more holistic approach with the addition of manufacturers and suppliers, which provides a more in-depth view of all stakeholders involved.  

This annual study has been a tremendous success in the past: this rating has gained much respect in various circles, and improved MBR relationships with their key partners.  

This is the one time that you, as a Motor Body Repairer, get an opportunity to voice your opinion and rate the insurers, suppliers and manufacturers you deal with.

To do this, each Motor Body Repairer is required to complete the questionnaire, using the online link that has already been emailed to you. We understand that this survey is time consuming and have provided some tips to help you be prepared when you start the survey.

The Insurer section asks you to consider the insurers you have worked with throughout 2017 with some key questions that may require some checks be made. We recommend that you consult or perhaps include your claims people within this section as their input will help speed up the process. You will also need to consider labour rate bands and paint rate bands within this section – so perhaps look over your SLA’s if you require a refresher on the average rates involved.

The OEM / Manufacturer section will also require knowledge of your existing SLA’s and asks for your feedback regarding the manufacturer’s expectations of you in terms of equipment required, training and audits. This section will cover the costs involved in maintaining your accreditations for training as well as audit fees so we recommend getting your accounts people involved here. As some of this section also assesses your satisfaction with parts supply – ensure you have someone with you that deals directly with any orders / delays / returns, should this not be you directly.

Lastly, the Supplier section will deal with your equipment and tool suppliers as well as your management and quoting systems. We recommend that you ensure the individuals that work with these aspects are with you during this section of the survey, should you not deal with any of these aspects directly yourself.

We believe that the inclusion of your team members will not only assist in speeding up the process but also provides you with a great opportunity to discuss the challenges and successes that you and your team experience through your work with these key industry stakeholders.

Please assist yourselves by assisting us and follow the link to participate in the survey, as supplied by Lightstone Consumer who has been commissioned to conduct this research on behalf of SAMBRA.

It is vital that every Motor Body Repairer takes part in this exercise.

Please contact us if you did not receive your link to this survey.