SAMBRA Western Cape Audatex Information Sharing Session

Report back from Randall Langenhoven - Regional Representative, SAMBRA Western Cape.

The final Western Cape Executive Committee and General Meeting for 2017 took place on 30 November.

The General Meeting was not a traditional one, but rather an interactive Audatex Information Sharing Session.

The objective of this session was to discuss, debate and share our understanding of the tool, and how to utilise its full potential when quantifying accident damage.

Labour, paint costs and hours allowed were not discussed, but understanding some of the functions, codes, ID blocks, and processes were topics of focus.

Members could freely offer advice, opinions, their methods and their understanding of the finer nuances in the system.

The debate and sharing was robust and took place in an informal atmosphere.

We all learned from each other.

The desired outcome was achieved for the first session and all agreed that regular information sharing sessions of this nature would be a value-add to the membership.

Plans are underway to replicate this exercise across the country in all regions so that as many members as possible may have an opportunity to participate.

We look forward to a busy and information sharing 2018.