Royal Auto Body, Polokwane, is a Mercedes Benz and Smart Auto approved repairer. While they specialise in work on these makes of vehicles, motor body repair work on other vehicles is undertaken upon request.

The Repair Process:

repair process1. Quotation:

Royal Auto Body makes use of Audatex digital quotation systems.

This process normally takes about 3 working days unless the parts are on back order which will unfortunately cause a delay. With the parts available the relevant vehicles are booked for repairs or towed in vehicles taken into the workshop for repairs.

2. Panel Repair:

panel repair

Firstly all soft and hard trim is removed to gain access to the panel work of the vehicle.

We use Celette repair benches and have most jigs in stock to ensure a 100% panel and suspension fitment. All welding are done with adequate inverters and spot welders to factory standards. All Mercedes Benz special tools for panel and suspension repairs are available.

All welding and joining work is done to factory standard with state of the art equipment. We utilize a Jig system for larger repairs and electronic measurement for normal repairs. The first quality inspection is performed where after the vehicle is moved to the paint shop for the paint preparation.

3. Paint Shop:


An almost complete dry sanding system is used and all primer, undercoats and sealers are dried by overhead infrared lights.

A second quality inspection is done and the vehicle is moved to the spray booth for painting. Colours are mixed on a computer and after painting the new paint work are adequately baked. All paint work are water based as required by the majority of vehicle manufacturers.

After the paint work is cured the new paint work is glazed and polished to ensure a high gloss, the third quality inspection is performed.

Reassembly, Cleaning and QC:


The final quality control is done. The Wheel alignment is done on a factory approved device, diagnostic and safety equipment circuits are tested, undercarriage is measured ( in case of medium and larger accidents ) and a electronic printout are attached to the job card. With the job card finally signed off by our Quality controller all paperwork, clearances and warranties are prepared. Afterwards the customer is contacted to collect his completed vehicle.

Royal Auto Body maintains a high standard of workmanship and customer service. All customers are kept informed of the repair process twice per week and when problems arises.


  • Aircon re-gassing
  • Plastic repair
  • Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)
  • Diagnostics and replacement of safety systems
  • Windscreen and glass fitment