National Grading Programme

The implementation of the accepted minimum Industry Standard for Motor Body Repairers, as recognised by Industry - which includes Insurers and MBR’s - commenced on 1 July 2017, and is applicable to ALL Motor Body Repairers, irrespective of which MBR Association you are affiliated to, or whether your Company has OEM approval or not.  This is an Industry Standard and not an Association Standard.

This grading replaces the SAMBRA grading you have applied for and received until now.

Bureau Veritas (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd were appointed collectively as the auditors for this process, and the Standard is based on SAMBRA's Grading Criteria.

It is important to note that this audit will be conducted every two years, the audit certificate will therefore be valid for two years, as opposed to the annual audits conducted up until now.  SAMBRA’s independent grading will no longer be conducted.

The cost of the Bureau Veritas audit will be a minimum of R1,900.00 + VAT, excluding travelling costs.  Please contact your regional SAMBRA office in order to verify any additional cost.  The audit certificate will be valid for two years, thus effectively reducing the grading fee previously paid.

Members will be invoiced directly by Bureau Veritas for the cost of travelling.  Please go to: for more information.

SAIA has sourced funds from the Insurance Industry to pay for the certification process for qualifying black-owned MBR’s of all Associations partaking in the MTSF [Motor Transformation and Sustainability Forum], subject to terms and conditions, and meeting the qualifying criteria:

  • the MBR must be black-owned
  • the MBR must have a gross annual turnover of R2 million or less
  • the MBR must be part of at least one insurer panel
  • the MBR must have been in operation for at least two years

Please be aware that SAIA has limited funds to assist. Please contact Bureau Veritas early to maximise your chance of receiving financial assistance.

This standard will be a requirement of ALL SAIA affiliated Insurers and MBRs going forward.


1. Questionnaire
CLICK HERE to download the Bureau Veritas questionnaire to complete and return to:, along with all required documents to commence the process.

2. Self–Assessment
Use the Check List and Guide to assess your readiness for the actual Audit (a Bureau Veritas Inspector will support you during Self Check).

3. Audit
Once you feel you are ready for the Audit, Bureau Veritas/Waidler will set up a date for the Audit. Once the audit has been conducted, Members can expect six weeks of assistance from Bureau Veritas to address any non-conformity.

4. Payment
Once you have scheduled an audit date, SAMBRA will invoice you for the audit and will inform Bureau Veritas to go ahead with the audit upon receipt of proof of payment.

5. Certification
With all the above concluded, compliant Members can expect to be awarded both the inspection results and a certificate/ letter of conformity (valid for 2 years).

When an MBR is found to have certain non-conformities, Bureau Veritas will inform the MBR through their report. Bureau Veritas will then allow the MBR to address this within 6 weeks, along with their assistance.


National Grading Standard

PP-CL-National Grading Criteria Check List-V5-KN-20.07

PP-CL-SOP MBR Grading Checklist Guide-V5-KN-06.10.2016

QU-FO-Client Application Form-V1-NN-15.05.2017

WHO IS WAIDLER? Waidler is a subsidiary of Bureau Veritas, managing the administration process of the Inspection. The Inspectors and the Certification Process are allocated to the Certification Department.

Visit to view Bureau Veritas's national footprint.

For further enquiries please contact the SAMBRA TEAM.