Driving in the Fog: Safety Tips

Picture the scene, it's a dark, cold, winter morning and a thick, low-hanging fog surrounds your vehicle as you set off to work. Your lights don't quite cut through the thick cloud you've found yourself in and visibility is nearly non-existent, but you have to get to work for a client meeting.

What's the safest way forward?

Where possible, avoid driving in the fog altogether. BUT, if driving in fog is essential, check out these saftey tips we've put together for driving in the fog.

  1. Allow for extra travel time - You may need to drive slower than you might usually, even on well-known routes.
  2. Ensure that your headlights (and fog lights if you have them) are on - this will not only increase your visibility, but also your visibility to other vehicles on the road.
  3. DO NOT turn on your high beams - This will only complicate the matter by causing glare and decreasing visibility.
  4. Remove all controllable distractions & stay focused - Remember, driving in the fog requires concentration. Follow the road by keeping an eye on the lane markings. Turn off music and avoid any other distractions such as cellphones.
  5. Keep warm - fog can cause condensation inside your vehicle resulting in a misted up wind screen. Turn on your heater to de-mist your windscreen and keep visibility at a maximum.
  6. Keep a safe following distance - be overly cautious of vehicles ahead of you.
  7. If the fog is very thick and visibility is close to zero pull over and wait until it is safe to drive again.