Newsflash: Promoting vehicle repair as career option

The RMI and SAMBRA attended the annual Beaconhurst Rotary Career Day as an exhibitor in East London on 19 March 2014.

Several schools from the area attended this career day that allows learners the opportunity to come into contact with and learn more about the many different career options available to them.

careerday3 careerday2

SAMBRA, together with the RMI, aim to proactively address the skills shortage currently experienced in the Auto Body Repair industry, by getting involved in career days such as this one to illustrate the particular financial viability of learning a trade.

To support skills development in the industry, the RMI and SAMBRA, in conjunction with the merSETA, launched the School To Work initiative at the Dr Böhmer Secondary School in Bloemfontein to focus on developing and nurturing learners from special needs technical schools to become MBR (panel beater) apprentices and qualified artisans.  Read more about School to Work here