What Does a Panel Beater Actually Do?

The original article was published by ArriveAlive.

Your car is one of your most important conveniences in life and something you will use nearly every day of the year. Which is what makes having an accident all the more annoying. Whether it’s a small repair to your front bumper or larger damage it’s important to select the best panel beater and paint repair shop you can find.

Car owners should seek out the best car repair technicians that possess high-quality skills and experience. After all, you do want your car returned in as good as or better condition than it was before it sustained damage.

Luckily, SAMBRA has reputable, experienced panel beaters who put your prized possession first and foremost. Their focus in on getting your car back to you in outstanding condition in the fastest possible time. They strive to offer the quickest turnaround repair that ensures that your vehicle is back in good time.

In general, panel beaters possess a variety of skills that serve to restore your vehicle and improve its appearance after an accident.

Bumper Repair

Most accidents happen on the car’s front and rear, so it is no surprise that bumper repair is one of the most common repair activities. Because modern day bumpers are made of plastic, the damaged bumper is removed and often repaired. If not repairable it is removed and deposed of while a new bumper is ordered in, spray painted to exactly match your cars’ colour and expertly fitted.

Dent and Scratch Repairs

Dents and scratches occur just about anywhere on your vehicle and not necessarily as a result of accidents. They comprise the most common form of panel beating tasks, as they could result from very minute impacts like a shopping cart coming in contact with the side panel of your car. With these kinds of damages, the panel beater repairs the dented panel back to its original shape. However, if the damage is severe and the dent is way too big, a replacement panel may be needed to restore the car back to its original appearance.

Chassis Alignment

When cars are involved in big accidents their chassis are often pushed out of alignment. Using expert machinery such as a chassis hydraulic pulling system a panel beater will correct and align a cars chassis back to its original form. This essential process means your car will drive as it should do without pulling left or right as you drive down the road.

Panel Removal and Replacement

A major task of a panel beater is panel removal and repair, or, depending on the damage, total panel replacement. Panels are either bolted or welded onto the car frame and a great deal of experience and expertise is needed to ensure panels sit perfectly in place. So a panel beater will assess the damage during the quoting process, recommending full panel replacement or repair.

Spray Painting

Once all the panel repairs have been done on a car, it’s time to get the spray painter involved. Colour matching is one of the most difficult tasks involved. This is where a spray painter will match your cars’ paint colour to ensure there won’t be any difference between the repaired sections and the rest of the car.

Cars are then masked up and taken into a state of the art spray booth where they are spray painted. Paints used are either Lacquer based Automobile paint or Waterborne Automobile paint. The Waterborne based is environmentally friendly paint and adhere to the latest environmental standards.


The final step is detailing, so when you pick up your car it is in pristine condition. The end result should be – Happy customers!!

If you’ve recently been in an accident, whether big or small, or need a dent of scratch repaired, contact an accredited SAMBRA for a quote and our outstanding customer service.