Member Grading

All SAMBRA members undergo an annual grading process, and members are encouraged to not undertake repairs for which they do not have the required equipment or expertise.

Therefore, when you do a map search to find a panelbeater to repair your vehicle, you will notice that each SAMBRA member is identified as either a structural repairer, non-structural repairer or awaiting grading.

The scope of work, as described below, is a general guideline when choosing an auto body repairer when you have been involved in any kind of an accident.

Note:  Grading does not automatically qualify a repairer for Manufacturer (OEM) approvals. Please check this with the repairer in question.






Non Structural Repairer(NSR) Repair and replacement of the following bolt on/off panels

  1. Front and/or rear bumpers
  2. Front fenders
  3. Bonnet / boot lid / tail gate
  4. Front and/or rear lower valance/spoiler
  5. Paintless dent removal
Structural Repairer(SR) All Structural and Non Structural Repairs to passenger and light commercial vehicles.