Monthly Archives: November 2016

Santam MBR Contract extension of benefits

As of 1 December 2016 Vulindlela Underwriting Managers (VUM) will be on-boarded to our MBR Memorandum of Agreements. VUM is a Santam subsidiary and provides affordable and sustainable insurance to Taxi Owners and Emerging Businesses, such as Uber.

SA hijacking hotspots

Do you know where the highest ocurrance of hijackings and carjackings happen in your city? This piece names all the areas of high hijacking occurances in SAs major cities. Read more to know where to avoid to driving alone or at night.

Less than 7% of SA drivers put children in car seats

Legislation in South Africa requires children, under the age of three, to travel in car seats. Unfortunately enforcement of this legislature is not at the appropriate level. The AA explored the statistics surrounding child seats and their correct use. Read on to find out the chilling truth.

Safe towing tips for the holidays

Whether it’s a trailer, boat, caravan or a broken-down car, towing should be done right to avoid damage to your vehicle and accidents on our roads. The RMI recently sat down with Motor Industry Workshop Association (MIWA) Chairman Les Mc Master for some safe towing tips.

Driving tips and tricks from the real pros

Why are professional racing drivers (used to exceptional speeds) are the best drivers? Derek Kirkby, Training Director for advanced driving at MasterDrive gives his best advice on staying safe while driving. (This does not mean you should be speeding!)