Monthly Archives: May 2017

Business Success: 5 Key Factors

It’s hard work to manage people and run a successful business! But what are the key essentials that make a good business great? We’ve checked in with the experts, and they agree on the five main ingredients that will ensure long-term success…

Green Machine Grand Opening in Cape Town: 27 May

Attention Western Cape Members: The Green Machine will open in Paarden Eiland on 27 May 2017! The Green Machine offers dealerships and businesses a wide range of top quality products and equipment under one roof, and offers SAMBRA members the perfect one-stop-shop for a wide range of business needs.

Health and Safety in the Workplace

Do you know what to do in case of illness or injury in the workplace? Occupational Heath & Safety (OHS) is the prevention of physical harm and illness within the workplace by taking specific precautions and ensuring the implimentation of a safe and satisfactory work environment.

Empowering Township Traders

The Dunlop Enterprise Development Programme (launched at the NAACAM show) aims to empower township entrepreneurs through employment creation, skills transfer and training. Read more about this transformational programme.

Bullying in the Workplace

Bullying in the workplace is a serious matter that not only takes many shapes and forms, but also contributes to an unhappy work environment. And whether you or a colleague are bullied by a peer or manager, it needs to be addressed effectively. Read on for practical tips on how to deal with workplace bullying…

Drinking & Driving: The Consequences

We’ve all heard and read about the horrific consequences of drinking and driving. But there are other consequences to getting behind the wheel after having a glass or two of wine – consequences that will affect your life in ways you never imagined…

Member Reminder: Audatex Training

Audatex are hosting several training courses over the course of the next few months. Whether you need intorductory training, administrative training or an advanced course, Audatex have got you covered.

Driving in the Fog: Safety Tips

It’s a dark, cold, winter morning and a thick, low-hanging fog surrounds your vehicle as you set off to work. Your lights don’t quite cut through the thick cloud you’ve found yourself in and visibility is nearly non-existent. What’s the safest way forward?