Monthly Archives: March 2018

Bureau Veritas (National Grading)

All major insurers have embraced the National Grading Criteria as the Industry Standard, and it is crucial that SAMBRA members finalise the necessary audits and registration with Bureau Veritas. The provisional deadline for accreditation is 30 September 2018.

The Route To VDQ Qualification

VDQ are in the process to start with the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process. The RPL process is a mechanism to give members recognition for their relevant qualifications, learnings and work experience related to the VDQ qualification.

How long does brake fluid last?

A common question that is asked in workshops: how often should brake fluids be changed? Dewald Ranft explains how often brake fluids should be changed, and the importance in using the correct brake fluid for your vehicle.

What is the correct tyre pressure?

The tyre pressure of your vehicle affects the safety of you and your passengers when traveling. Tyres that are over- or underinflated pose a risk to everyone of the road. Make sure you know where to find the guide for your vehicle’s tyre pressure!