Panelshop Assistant or Semi-Skilled Panelbeater

Bernies Coachworks are looking for a Panelshop Assistant or Semi-Skilled Panelbeater. Job Description: We urgently require the services of a Panel shop Assistant/Semi Skilled Panel beater. Requirements: Must be skilled in stripping and assembly, light body work and any other skill required to perform the work. How to apply: Please send your CV to […]

Qualified Panel beater in the Helderberg or surrounds needed

De Jonghs Panelbeating Centre Pty Ltd is looking for a Qualified Panelbeater residing in the Helderberg or surrounding area. Knowledge & Skills Safety & First aid knowledge in the workshop. Construction of the vehicle. Portable grinder. Grind sheet metal using power tools. Hydraulics body jack. Gas Welding. Join panels by means of a hand riveting […]