Mazda Recommended Repairer Programme

SAMBRA has concluded an agreement with Mazda Southern Africa (PTY) LTD whereby SAMBRA extends an invitation to SAMBRA Accredited Members to apply to become Mazda Recommended Repairers.

For those already in the Mazda Recommended Repairer Programme: New Letters of Recommendation are currently being processed and will be distributed via e-mail.

Mazda certificates are no longer issued and have been replaced by Letters of Recommendation, which will be renewable annually at the end of March.

Mazda are in the process of setting-up a designated website in order to make technical data available to Members and we will keep members informed of developments in this regard.

Those members requiring Mazda signage may contact the SAMBRA Head Office in Cape Town.

This ongoing approach by Mazda is industry-changing as it affords more Members the opportunity to be included in the process.

To apply, complete the form below, and please pay special attention to the qualifying criteria.

Applications are reviewed quarterly, and the submission deadlines are as follow:

  1. 31 May 2018
  2. 31 August 2018
  3. 30 November 2018

All Letters of Recommentation expire and are renewable on 31 March annually, irrespective of when applications were made.