Audatex Information Sessions & SAMBRA General Meetings – Southern Cape, Eastern Cape, Border and Free State Regions May 2018

SAMBRA Members:

Audatex Information Sessions will be held on a national basis over the next couple of months. These information sessions are free of charge and facilitated by Randall Langenhoven from SAMBRA. With new technologies and processes shaping the way our industry evolves, it is important that our members utilise these advancements in order to operate efficiently and profitably.

These sessions will allow members to ask any questions they may have regarding the Audatex system so that they can use it effectively and efficiently. More time and effort is spent when employees cannot (or do not know how to) perform their tasks or fulfill their responsibilities effectively. This will result in them taking longer to complete their work. Untrained employees may make many mistakes, and those mistakes can affect your business, and lose customers. Your estimator is one of the most important links in your business! When your estimator undersells your time, you may not make a profitable return on all your investments; when he oversells your time, you do not get work.

The above mentioned reasons are an indication as to why all employees who use the Audatex quoting process need to be fully trained on using the system. These information sessions are for those members that ae already using the Audatex system and have a basic/advanced understanding of the system. Even with a basic/advanced understanding, there will always be questions surrounding the features, processes and repair metholodogies. Members should use these information sessions to address any questions they have surrounding Audatex as well as to learn from other members who use the system.

Please make use of this opportunity to attend the  Audatex Information session and SAMBRA General meetings when they hosted in your region.

  1. Southern Cape – George on 22 May 2018.
  2. Eastern Cape – Port Elizabeth on 23 May 2018.
  3. Border Region – Stutterheim on 24 May 2018.
  4. Free State Region – Kimberley on 29 May 2018.