Important Member Notice Regarding SAMBRA/Mazda Recommended Repairers

Attention all SAMBRA/Mazda Recommended Repairers

Mazda’s approval period runs from beginning April to end March each year. This period is the same for all MBRs, irrespective of application date, and the Letter of Recommendation will therefore always be dated end-March.

Once you have become a Mazda Recommended Repairer, your company is not required to re-apply on an annual basis in order to be issued with the Mazda updated letter for the new term.

However, Mazda SA have noted that they will advise if and when certain MBRs should be removed from the Recommended Repairer list due to any issues associated with the Mazda dealer network.  They committed to inform SAMBRA prior to any such changes.

Trevor Ward from Mazda Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd have confirmed that they will be issuing SAMBRA with the new Letters of Recommendation on 26 March 2019. We will distribute these letters via email, as soon as we have received them.

Therefore, if all goes well and Mazda find everything to be in order, all current SAMBRA/Mazda Recommended Repairers will receive their new Letter of Recommendation (valid until 31 March 2020) via email before or on 29 March 2019.