Important Notice From Mazda

Attention SAMBRA Members: Please note the following important message from Mazda.

“Over the past few months it has become increasingly apparent that Insurers are writing off vehicles on a whim and without regard to the consequences to panel shops and genuine parts suppliers.

This has resulted in a huge increase in the number of requests for “RFC” for parts already supplied to the MBR, as the original quote was accepted by the Insurer. And once repairs have begun, any additional damages found would result in the Insurer refusing to accept the revised quote - stating that the vehicle is uneconomical to repair.

Mazda does not have an issue with this practice. What we do have a problem with is that the Insurer writes off the vehicle as a Code 2 instead of a Code 3. Obviously this is to profit from salvage.

Henceforth Mazda will be advising its dealer network that Mazda Southern Africa will no longer accept requests for RFC’s on panel parts unless we receive a letter from the Insurer stating that the vehicle has been written off as a Code 3.”

Please contact your regional representative if you have any queries in this regard.