Lion of Africa – Pay Before Release / Right of Lien

Urgent Newsflash for Members

You may recall that SAMBRA placed Lion Of Africa on Pay Before Release when they advised they are “winding down”.

We have found that there are still brokers / UMAs acting on behalf of Lion of Africa but NOT reflecting this on their authorization. This means that you transact, NOT knowing it is a Lion of Africa claim, and when it comes to payment the broker / UMA then refers you to Lion of Africa!!

One of these companies is RISKSLIP.

Please be aware of this. If you are in any way unsure, exercise your right of lien and retain the vehicle until you have been paid.                                               

It would be good business practice to exercise your right of lien if you do not have an SLA with the company authorizing work to you or the authorizing company has not signed a credit agreement with you within which your terms of payment are set out.