SAMBRA Secures Deal With TRANSIT

After many months of negotiation, SAMBRA have managed to secure a working relationship with TRANSIT solutions on the STATE’s RT46 Fleet Management contract, which expires on the 31st March 2019.

This decision was based on SAMBRA members providing to the STATE Fleet, quality and cost effective repairs. The fleet is the largest of its kind in South Africa with over 100 000 vehicles.  SAMBRA members are now eligible, amongst other qualifying service providers, to make application for and provide quality service and repairs to the Fleet.

During the selection process, SAMBRA members were considered based on the following criteria:

  • We promote and mentor emerging panel shops
  • We have a large network of B-BBEE panel shops
  • We are an organised sector of the Industry
  • We offer quality service and repairs at competitive prices
  • We abide to a periodic audit process
  • We have a large spectrum of OEM Approved panel shops
  • We offer internal dispute resolution assistance
  • We have a National footprint of panel shops.

The work allocation process is dependent on a number of varying criteria that will be extrapolated from your application form. Please take time to accurately complete the detail in the application form. There is work available for all qualifying panel shops and is dependent largely on your proficiency.


Please download the following documentation to be completed in order to register your company as a merchant of Standard Bank Fleet Management.

Once completed, please submit to:

As SBFM have to comply to the Financial Intelligence Centre Act requirements, they kindly request that the following be included in your submission to them:

Please ensure that you initial on all pages of the merchant agreement.  Please insert the postal codes on the address that is completed on the Addendum and Agreement.

  • Certified copies of all members/directors/owners’ ID’s;
  • For RT46 purposes and government requirements they require the owner’s/directors/members to indicate:

-      their ethnic group;

-      disability if applicable (accompanied by a medical certificate).  The information needs to be annotated on the certified copy of IDs supplied;

  • Company registration certificate;
  • Business letterhead;
  • Copy of utility bill i.e. water and electricity or telephone account not older than 3 months;
  • B-BBEE Certificate;
  • Tax Clearance Certificate;
  • Cancelled cheque or proof of banking details;
  • Proof of business insurance should any damage occur while government vehicles are at your premises, ensuring that insurance is in place, and that there is cover against damages and total loss;
  • Certified copies of your mechanics/artisans qualifications;
  • Accreditation to Industry associations, including but not limited to RMI, AA, MIBCO etc.
  • Photographs must be of outside and inside the premises. For ease of reference, the photographs must depict lift bays, diagnostics machines, tools, any other automotive equipment which you use, signage at the premises etc. as well as the number of working bays.

Please note that without the above documents SBFM cannot give you a merchant number.

Once all your documents are in order, an inspection of your premises will be done within six weeks.

Please ensure that the ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS  are posted or hand delivered to their office, 32 Princess of Whales Terrace, Parktown, 2192.

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact Standard Bank Fleet Management on 0860 106 249, fax number:  011 547 0268, or e-mail:  Remano Rutters, or SAMBRA on 021 939 9440, or e-mail: or