Moto Health Care Medical Aid

We promise to help those who help the retail motor industry.

We take care of our own when the unexpected happens as well as when the expected happens. Moto Health Care's promise is to provide a sustainable healthcare solution to the motor industry offering excellent benefits, efficient administration and healthcare peace of mind, always! Our members belong to a Medical Fund exclusively designed to give the best possible benefits to the employers & employees of the Retail Motor Industry.

Moto Health Care is the fund designed exclusively for the retail motor industry for the benefit of its members and their dependents.

Currently in our 10th year of operating as Moto Health Care; the continued volatility of the financial markets both locally and internationally continues to impact the Motor industry and the Scheme. Notwithstanding these challenges, Moto Health Care is the largest voluntary restricted scheme providing healthcare in the retail motor industry for employers, employees and continuation members.

That's right, we are part of the Motor Industry and we have gone to great lengths to design an exclusive medical scheme for our employers and their employees.

From hospital care to dentistry, no medical scheme understands the healthcare needs of the motor industry employers and their employees better than Moto Health Care.

We have five different options namely Optimum, Classic, Hospicare, Custom and Essential. Each option is designed to give you the best possible healthcare cover at an affordable rate.

Benefits of belonging to Moto Health Care:

  1. Moto really looks after all
    • If children are students and are still financially dependent on parents, they are covered to the age of 23 years.
    • Common law spouses are also covered.
  2. There is a huge cost advantage
    There is no profit motive, thus it is possible for the scheme to deliver its benefits at an unbeatable administration cost of less than 6%.
  3. Healthcare costs are kept under very tight control so we ensure yearly increases are minimal.
  4. On the Custom and Essential options, contributions are calculated according to salary band categories
    Now everyone can have access to appropriate healthcare cover irrespective of your income
  5. Get rewarded for being healthy
    Members have access to Momentum's Wellness Programme, Multiply, which offers exclusive discounts on gym membership, movie tickets, CD/DVDs, travel and leisure facilities, flights and other exciting offers.
  6. 24/7 access to membership profile
    On our new age website, members and providers can access their profile to monitor claims and benefit utilization from the secure Login page available once the easy registration process has been completed.
  7. Healthy workforce = healthy profits
    At Moto Health Care we are able to produce a utilisation report for our employers. This report gives an overview of the health status of your employees by detailing the healthcare usage of your workforce who belong to Moto Health Care. Based on the report, Moto will recommend relevant healthcare management interventions and partner with you to address and improve the respective concern.
  8. Because Moto functions across the retail motor industry, members keep their membership number even if they change employment within the industry.