Beware the Back-Seat Driver

According to Wheels24 the most common cause of arguments in the car are caused by unwanted back-seat driving.

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London - Children shouting/crying from the rear, passengers adjusting buttons... What's your biggest pet peeve as a driver?

The UK Motor Ombudsman, has found that nearly two-fifths (38%) of drivers deem the unwanted comments of back-seat drivers to be the main cause of in-car arguments.

Its poll of more than 1500 motorists revealed the most likely irritations to provoke a dispute with their fellow passengers.

Biggest cause of arguments: List by Motor Ombudsman 

38% - Unwanted back-seat driving
18% - Children shouting, crying and fighting.
17% - Passengers adjusting buttons and dials.
14% - Changing the radio station or music.
13% - Leaving rubbish in the car.

In-car arguments

To diffuse the situation, more than half (53%) of respondents whom have had an argument with passengers while driving, said that they adopt a direct and firm approach for the behaviour to be nipped in the bud there and then.

Conversely, almost a quarter (24%) of those questioned prefer a more “laissez-faire” approach by seeing if the situation improves prior to taking any action.

The majority (48%) of drivers who have argued, think resolving an in-car clash helps to reduce stress. A third equally cited that the most important reasons for bringing a dispute to a close were to avoid a repeat of the same arguments (33%), to make future journeys more relaxing by agreeing a compromise (33%), and to have improved relations with others (32%).

Letting off steam

In order to let off steam with someone that is impartial and independent of the disagreement, once out of the car, almost one in four (24%) share their side of the argument with their other half, whilst 10% prefer to impart their views of the dispute with friends.

Bill Fennell, Chief Ombudsman and Managing Director of The Motor Ombudsman, said: “Being confined to a small space on a long journey can cause tension in the car. As with any differences of opinion, whether with family or a business, it is important for all parties involved to take the time to try to conclude any issues in a cool and constructive way to help prevent the problems from re-occurring.

"However, just as importantly, the campaign is highlighting that there is help out there for motorists should there be a problem during the purchase, servicing or repair of a car that they haven’t been able to sort out directly with their garage.”