Who We Are

SAMBRA (the South African Motor Body Repair Association) is a national body that looks after the needs of almost 1,000 motor body repair businesses across South Africa.

Our members repair over 80% of all insured repair claims in the country, and the variety of manufacturer approvals that more than half of our members have earned is proof of the superior standards that we uphold in the panel beating industry.

We pride ourselves in the quality workmanship offered by our members.

A thought leader, in touch with the industry it serves

SAMBRA's management team and regional managers comprise a mix of individuals with many years' experience in the motor and motor body repair industry, as well as current business owners in the industry. This ensures that we are in touch with not only the latest industry developments, but also the business and skills development needs of the industry.

Representing the interests of the motor body repair industry in South Africa, SAMBRA is a recognised and highly respected authority in the motor body repair industry that aims to constantly create value for all its stakeholders.

An industry influencer

We represent the majority of the South African repairers that are able to achieve the high standards of the SAMBRA grading system.

While this grading system was devised to allow all levels of repairer to become a SAMBRA member, restrictions are placed on our members in terms of the level of work they are permitted to carry out.

We also place a high value on the development of a sustainable industry for all role players, and interact with the motor body repair industry on a number of levels, including playing a key role in negotiating industry standard labour rates and trading margins to secure financial viability for our members and fair trading conditions for our strategic business partners.

SAMBRA members and their staff also benefit from consistent training, and our industry standard CSI programme monitors the service levels of all repairers and other role players within the industry.

One of our flagship projects, the financial benchmarking tool, was recently introduced and has started to accumulate essential data within the industry, that will ultimately be used to empower our members and facilitate a better understanding of the motor body repair industry by key role-players like insurers and manufacturers.