Workshop Operations Manager Positions at SAMBRA-Accredited Member Franchises (Pretoria & Gauteng)

Workshop Operations Manager Positions at SAMBRA-Accredited Member Franchises (Pretoria & Gauteng)
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HJ Bosch & Sons seek to recruit experienced Workshop Operations Managers for their franchises.

Job Description

  • Manage the department by assuring that all staff adhere to the departments’ “Process and procedures”.
  • Manage the work-in-progress and allocating ESTIMATED date of completion;
  • Manage the repair work that needs to be outsourced i.e. wheel alignment, diagnostics etc.
  • Manage the “vehicles scheduled out” report together with customer service;
  • Manage the “additional damages” per job together with the estimator;
  • Manage “customer complaints/come-back” together with customer service and quality controller.
  • Co-sign the Quality check done by the quality controller, thus take full responsibility for the quality of work done;
  • Manage the purchasing of paint and consumables;
  • Manage the purchasing and maintenance of all workshop equipment;
  • Maintaining a safe work environment in accordance with established policies and practices.
  • In additional to the above, any job given by the Managing director.

Skills & Experience

  • Leadership, self-motivated and committed;
  • Solution driven: Identifies problems, analyses problems, generate workable solutions and resolves problems according to acceptable business quality standards and so as to minimise workflow disruption.
  • Assertiveness: says views, feelings and opinions in confident way without being aggressive.
  • Performance driven: Puts in sufficient effort to meet or exceed business and customer expectations.
  • Ethics: Honest, responsible and moral in interactions with colleagues and customers.
  • Planning and organising
  • Communication skills: Exchange information, news, ideas and views to create shared meanings.
  • Perseverance: Is persistent and overcomes obstacles such as physical barriers, criticism and lack of support, discouragement, heavy workloads, customer resistance or tough economic factors. EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE
  • Senior certificate + Technical trade Qualification;
  • A minimum 5 years work experience in management.
  • Computer skills would be advantageous.

Note: The above job description describes the general tasks, functions and responsibilities inherent in the position. It defines the employee’s role within the HJ Bosch and Sons Panel Beaters franchise as well as his/her accountability.

How to apply