Consumer Guide

As representatives of the wider vehicle repair industry, we at SAMBRA take customer satisfaction very seriously.

The SAMBRA Promise:  Motor Body Repair Peace of Mind

Your motor vehicle body repair can be costly and motor vehicle accidents are seldom budgeted for. It's therefore important to ensure that your money is well spent on professional and reliable repairs.

SAMBRA has almost 1,000 members nationally in the motor body repair sector of the motor industry, meaning that there is a member near you. Contact our Regional office to find a motor body repairer in your area, or use our map search.

We have and continue to promote, protect and encourage the interests of the motoring public by setting and maintaining proper standards of service and repair.

Code of Ethics:  As SAMBRA members we pledge to:

  • perform high-quality repairs;
  • use only proven merchandise of high quality;
  • employ qualified personnel;
  • offer the customer a price estimate for work to be performed;
  • furnish an itemized invoice for services rendered;
  • promote good will between all parties concerned;
  • furnish warranties covering services completed;
  • obtain prior authorisation for all work done, in writing, or by other means satisfactory to the customer;
  • notify the customer if appointments or completion promises cannot be kept;
  • exercise reasonable care for the customer’s property while in our possession;
  • maintain a system for fair settlement of customer’s complaints;
  • uphold the high standards of our profession and always seek to correct any and all abuses within the motor body repair industry;
  • uphold the integrity of all members of the South African Motor Body Repair association;
  • always be in strict compliance with all related legislation, regulations and industry standards.

The SAMBRA Guarantee

There are no certainties in life... but by taking your vehicle to be repaired by an accredited SAMBRA member, we can guarantee:

  • Qualified Technical Staff;
  • Inspection of members’ premises to ensure quality and high standards;
  • Setting of the Highest Ethical and Technical standards in the Industry;
  • Comprehensive guarantee on repair work undertaken;
  • Pledge to provide products & services at market related prices.