National Disability Awareness Month: Disability is not an obstacle

With unemployment levels at all time highs, there are still plenty of opportunities for people with a technical qualification and a positive attitude and an eagerness to use their opportunity, and their skill set and discipline. This is particularly true in the motoring sector. As South Africa celebrates National Disability Rights Awareness Month annually between […]

SAMBRA Welcomes Professional VDQ Qualification

Motor body repairer estimators and Insurance companies’ vehicle assessors play a crucial role in the daily lives of South Africans bridging the gap in the event of an accident, between the insurer and the motor body repairer to quantify damage to, or loss of a vehicle. The Background of the VDQ Qualification There are currently […]

2023 TVET Course Applications Still Open at False Bay TVET College

Apply now for a 2023 course with False Bay TVET College. Course Applications Deadline: 31st October 2022 Course Types Available: Full Time, Part Time, Distance Learning Courses are varied and include the NC: Automotive Body Repair NQF Level 2 How To Apply Online or in person, by following these simple steps Bursary Applications Now available […]

SAMBRA Members setting & keeping standards high

SAMBRA members are always striving for the highest standards. SAMBRA’s accreditation standards are recognized by all major Insurers and are often included in government regulatory documents as the industry standard. Our members pledge to: Perform high-quality repairs Use genuine parts or parts authorized by you or your Insurer Employ qualified personnel Repair effectively rather than […]