Impact of SAMBRA Accreditation

Impact of SAMBRA Accreditation
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The South African Motor Body Repairers’ Association (SAMBRA) promotes best practices and helps its members provide vehicle owners across the country with the best possible quality of motor body collision damage repairs.

By accrediting the membership of the association, it ensures that all members are adequately equipped and comply with industry standard, laws, and bylaws regulating the industry.

Uvashen Bramiah, national director of SAMBRA says the Association’s grading/accreditation standards were developed over 25 years ago and are consistently checked to ensure they match the MBR industry needs and standards.

“Improving service quality is the most important benefit of associational and membership accreditation, but certainly not the only benefit,” he says.

Improving Standards across the board

Accreditation also;

  • Improves operations of the business. All members can feel confident they are part of an Association which supports them in improving communication, sound strategic planning, streamlined work systems, better risk management, all meant to encourage business sustainability.
  • Boosts marketability of business. You want to be known as a company that’s committed to quality, growth, and innovation, and becoming an accredited member of an industry association like SAMBRA is a great way to build that kind of reputation within the motor body repair industry. It sends a clear message to the consumer, insurance companies and other 3 rd party role players in our industry that you take your business seriously enough to invest your time, energy, and resources into learning everything you can to build the most successful business possible.
  • Helps secure funding. Associational accreditation verifies that an MBR not only does quality work, but also has sound financial, administrative, operational, and oversight practices. This third-party verification can inspire the confidence funders need to support a motor body repairer as it continues to grow.
  • Provides staff with a sense of fulfilment. The quest for quality improvement provides staff with new professional opportunities, allowing them to lead the charge toward a brighter future for their employers business and ultimately themselves.
  • Holds the team to its goals. Accreditation holds members accountable.


“Time and time again, accreditation has proved transformative for our member businesses, supporting their mission, and allowing them to provide clients with the quality service they deserve,” concludes Bramiah.