SAMBRA Workflow Repair Process

SAMBRA Workflow Repair Process
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Have you ever wondered how an accident damaged vehicle is repaired? What is the process? Let SAMBRA guide you through the process, every step of the way.

Follow the journey of an accident-damaged vehicle to learn where your car is in the repair process. View the process charts below to understand the process of Non-Structural or Structural motor body repairs and the difference between the two.

Non-structural vehicle repair
What is structural car repair

There are a number of complex stages in the repair process of an accident damaged vehicle to bring it back to pre-collision condition. The SAMBRA Workflow Repair process will take you through these stages. From taking your vehicle for a quote, to collecting your repaired vehicle from your SAMBRA accredited member facility. 

Using a business accredited by a reputable association such as SAMBRA assures you of good workmanship and recourse in the unlikely event that the job is not completed to acceptable standards.


Accredited businesses will be run by highly-skilled professionals, with excellent service-levels, administrative support and quality parts and repair equipment.

Today, more than ever, Sanitisation Protocols have become a high priority in the repair process. SAMBRA members care about the health and wellbeing of their clients. Following strict sanitisation protocols during the repair process.

Vehicle sanitisation protocols

In order to learn more about the motor body industry including Non-Structural or Structural motor body repairs keep checking the SAMBRA Consumer Education page. Contact Abie Kriek if you have questions or would like to know more about Motor Body Repair work.