Active Safety Features in Your Car

Active Safety Features in Your Car
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If you are wondering ‘What is ‘Active Safety‘ and ‘what does it have to do with me?‘ then we are here to help! Active safety in a vehicle refers to electronic systems that have been put in place to reduce the severity of motor accidents, or even avoid them entirely

Is Active Safety electrical?

The term refers to electronic systems which are put in place to manage steering, braking and propulsion.

What is the difference between Active and Passive safety?

Passive safety features refer to those that activate at the time an accident occurs. They lessen injury to the driver and passengers and include seat belts and airbags. Structural improvements such as crumple zones absorb the energy of a crash are also considered a passive safety feature.

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How does it work?

Radar, cameras and ultrasonic sensors perceive the surrounding world. These sensors interpret surrounding information and act as another set of eyes for the driver and can respond if needed.

What are the benefits of Active Safety?

Built-in, simple warning systems, such as forward-collision warnings, are not only seen to be cost-effective safety solutions but they can reduce rear-end collisions by up to 50%.

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