Automatrix OEM Application/Approval Process

Automatrix OEM Application/Approval Process
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The following updated was issued by Automatrix and shared with SAMBRA Members.

This letter serves to confirm the processes followed by Automatrix, and the various OEMs it is contracted to, in respect of applications for approval, as further set out hereunder:

  1. All applications for approval must be submitted via the Automatrix Applications portal. No manual
    submissions are accepted. The process includes the following 5 steps:
    a) full details of all terms and conditions, approval criteria, any additional requirements, costs etc.
    b) copy of the OEM Service Level Agreement
    c) self-audit process, including summary of rectification required, if applicable
    d) supporting document upload
    e) applications log with progress tracking
  2. Only those applications that complete each respective step, and pass the self-evaluation section can be submitted to OEMs via the Automatrix portal. Successful applications, together with copies of items 1-4 above, are automatically captured on to an applications log, and can be accessed by both OEMs and body shops in order to track progress, timelines, OEM queries etc.
  3. The above processes are completely automated, and do not require human intervention. This aims to ensure that any possible subjectivity or bias is eliminated from the process, and offers complete
    transparency throughout. In addition, the self-evaluation process assists applicants in avoiding audit costs where it is evident that they do not meet approval criteria.
  4. Automatrix will schedule an initial audit with successful applicants on instruction from the relevant OEM. Automatrix must conduct the audit within the time periods set by each respective OEM.
  5. A copy of the audit report, together with supporting photographs, pre- and post-audit documentation, and auditor performance sheets are posted and logged on the Automatrix Audit Reports Portal. As per the Applications portal, OEMs and body shops can access the portal, view the reports, track progress, etc.
  6. Once the audit report and associated documentation is reviewed by the relevant OEM, an instruction is given to Automatrix to forward an outcome letter to the applicant. This letter will either contain a non-compliance report (including a reasonable time period within which to rectify such non-compliances), or a confirmation of approval letter (subject to signature of the OEM SLA). Automatrix is not, under any circumstances whatsoever, permitted to forward the said documentation without instruction from the relevant OEM.
  7. All processes referred to points 1-6 above are included in the Service Level Agreements between
    Automatrix and each respective OEM it is contracted to. Failure by Automatrix to adhere to the said processes will constitute a material breach of the said Service Level Agreements. In addition, the OEMs are subjected to internal process audits in line with their respective ISO compliance requirements.

In light of the above, it is evident that the application and approval processes followed by Automatrix and the respective OEMs it is contracted to, are completely objective, transparent, and applied equally and consistently to all applicants for approval. No-one other than the relevant OEMs can approve or decline applications for approval.

I can therefore confirm that no Automatrix representative or staff member can secure, or offer to secure, approval on behalf of any applicant for approval, nor are they permitted to circumvent or compromise any of the processes set out above. Any representations to this effect are completely false, and should be immediately reported to