Breakthrough in Vehicle Salvage Database Access

Breakthrough in Vehicle Salvage Database Access
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SAMBRA has been campaigning hard over the last four years for the South African Insurance Association (SAIA) to release more information to the market with regard to the status of written-off vehicles. Richard Green, National Director of SAMBRA says that without a register to refer to, there is no way of stopping these cars from going back into the system, only to be purchased by an unsuspecting and poorly advised consumer.

This intense lobbying advocating for more transparency, has finally paid off with the Insurance industry agreeing to accept the principle that the purchaser of a second hand vehicles has the right to know if the vehicle they are considering purchasing has been in a serious collision and has been written off before.

What Is To Come

According to Green this will result in the VIN numbers of all previously insured written off vehicles being published on an open website providing purchasers of second hand vehicles and franchised dealers the opportunity to make informed decisions.

The Terms

The SAIA VSD (vehicle salvage database) task team met in February in Johannesburg and agreed in-principle to the following terms:

・All code 2, 3, 3A and 4 written off vehicles will be published on the site.
・The description of the codes will align with the SAIA salvage code.
・ID numbers and geo-location will be used to identify any abuse of the site/information.
・The site will be funded by the Task Team participants to retain its independence and will not be used to generate revenue.
・A comprehensive communication programme will be developed to ensure all consumers are made aware of the site.

The SAIA Board were to meet on March 10th to sign off on the ‘in-principal decisions’ and the VSD Task team are scheduled to meet on March 11 to pursue the project.