RMI and HWK launch innovative EV pilot training module in Eastern Cape

The Retail Motor Industry Organisation (RMI), and the Chamber of Crafts Erfurt, also more popularly known as Handwerkskammer Erfurt (HWK Erfurt), last year agreed to collaborate on a 12-month project ending June 2024.  This follows the successful completion of the Eastern Cape TVET partnership in November 2022 – an innovative partnership designed to drive vocational […]

Part 1 – A Career in Automotive – Meeting Lee de Sousa from MOTUS Technical Academy

A technical trainer of twenty-two years, Lee de Sousa started his career as an apprentice at Lindsay Saker. From there, Lee worked for the likes of Audi and Audi & VW when they were one entity. When the two brands were separated, Lee enjoyed various roles within Audi. From being a Motor Mechanic, Foreman, Service […]