Everyone Can Have A Digital Footprint

Everyone Can Have A Digital Footprint
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In today’s highly competitive marketplace everyone needs to have a basic online presence, irrespective of how small or large your business is. Certainly, a web-based presence in 2023 is essential for authenticating your business. It is basically your shopfront.

Creating A Credible Online Presence

The SAMBRA website provides a unique and easy-to-use, value-added tool, which can enable any of the SAMBRA members to have a credible online presence. Charles Canning, National Chairman of SAMBRA says businesses have one chance to engage their audience. “Often the most frustrating things for a customer is not being able to read up enough information about the repairer in question, such as an introduction, a description of the services offered by the business, the address, telephone number, email and opening hours. Well-taken photographs also attract attention and build confidence. If the information is easily found on a website, the easier it is for the customer to contact the repairer and get their vehicle booked in,” he says. Read more >>

Be Found Online Faster

Canning says, while the tool is available to all accredited SAMBRA members, the complementary service is specifically aimed at the smaller members who cannot afford their own custom website. ‘The advantage of this approach is that SAMBRA Members pages are discoverable on Google and other search engines, the more information provided by the member, the more likely their business will be found and supported.” It is also not only for attracting customers. A comprehensively completed page can also be a useful tool when insurers are looking at information about the member’s business. Inclusion on insurer panels is a constant challenge and this digital footprint can help differentiate member businesses.

Learn How To Best Use Your Business Listing On SAMBRA.BIZ

Canning says surprisingly take-up has been slower than expected. “We have put together a very user friendly tutorial on how to customise your business listing and in the coming months will be scheduling an online tutorial with our social team for interested members.

“I want to encourage SAMBRA members to become more active in using the SAMBRA website. Visit the website at sambra.biz more frequently as the website remains a value add, at no additional cost to your business. Having a professional profile that stands out from the rest on the website is an opportunity to make a great first impression. Your profile on the SAMBRA website showcases your brand and shop culture to your prospective customers and is one of the more important things that you can do,” he concludes.

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