First Colour-Changing Car

First Colour-Changing Car
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The 2022 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada was awash with excitement after BMW unveiled its colour-changing concept car known as the “iX Flow featuring E-Ink.”

At “the touch of a button” the driver can instantly change the colour of the car. Not only the car panels but the e-Ink panel technology found in Amazon’s Kindle, changes the colour of the wheels too.

The company cites the benefits of the Flow technology, other than being able to match your car to your shoes ie. personalisation, the driver will have access to in-depth vehicle information such as battery life, and enjoy thermal adjustments to respond to the sun.

BMW have yet to announce when this colour-changing technology will be available to the consumer, but the rollout of their first all-electric SUV, the iX is scheduled to begin arriving for pre-order customers from March.  The iX claims to offer 480 km plus of range, 500 horsepower, and a 0-100 km/h time in under five seconds.

With the company claiming to be bringing “personalisation to unforeseen levels”, it seems consumers looking for a more customisable driving experience have a lot to look forward to.

Watch the full BMW presentation here.

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