Northern Cape Panelbeaters Celebrate 50 years in MBR

Northern Cape Panelbeaters Celebrate 50 years in MBR
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In 2022, Northern Cape Panelbeaters celebrated an incredible milestone of fifty years operating in motor body repair. A proud accredited member of SAMBRA, this structural motor body repairer had humble beginnings in a small, hired space.

Founded in 1972, by Mr Meades and a former business partner, the business has gone from strength-to-strength, growing. From a team of two people at the start, to sixty-seven strong, today – A few of whom have been with Northern Cape Panelbeaters for almost thirty years.

Adapting to challenges

It has not all been smooth sailing. The business has survived some difficult moments in its history, such as the prohibition on petrol sales in the 70s, which brought the business and the automotive industry, at large, to a standstill, and when it noticed a decline in clients having the financial capability to repair their vehicles, Northern Cape Panelbeaters adapted to the times.

Despite the various challenges, the organisation continuously observed and pursued advancements in automotive and repair technology and has continuously invested in better equipment, in order to deliver the highest quality work, possible.

Approaches for achieving success and longevity

The business believes in the benefits of quick thinking and adaptability, to solve problems more efficiently.

For those looking to start their own motor body repair business, Mr Meades says, ‘one must be goal-driven, focused, and willing to take risks in order to grow,’ and believes that ‘having a positive outlook on the business world is essential’.

” Kan nie, en wil nie, bestaan nie ” (Cannot and will not, doesn’t exist)
– Mr Meades, Northern Cape Panelbeaters

In order to thrive in motor body repair, Mr Meades believe that it is always, ‘Quality over quantity,’ and that it is important to ‘ deal with your employees and customers fairly and honestly’.

The future looks bright

At nearly 76-years of age, Mr Meades still opens his business at 6:30 am and closes it at 5 pm every day, as he has done for fifty. However, he is now looking forward to the possibility of settling down to retire, safe in the knowledge that he will be leaving his business in the capable hands of his family.

If your motor body repair business is celebrating a milestone or notable achievement, contact your Associational Representative with the details, here, so that we can share your news with the SAMBRA and South African automotive community.