The effect of The POPI Act on small business marketing

The effect of The POPI Act on small business marketing
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The best practices for marketing a business post-POPI are still being defined. An article published by called The Popi Act and its impact on marketing a small business gives some insight into how businesses should proceed with direct marketing while ensuring they do not contravene The POPI Act.

How to Market A Business following POPI Guidelines

  • Request explicit consent to send direct electronic marketing using a button to ‘Opt-In to email marketing’. A social media follower of your business page does not qualify as someone you can contact via email.
  • The use of Cookies, small text files which collect data about your users, are slowly being phased out. Until then, ensure your website asks visitors to accept the use of cookies when they land on your page.
  • Ensure your website explains in detail how you collect, store, use and destroy the personal information collected by cookies on your website. Again, users need to accept these terms.
  • Keep up-to-date with The Information Regulators guidance notes for understanding the provisions of the Popi Act, which are updated occasionally. Find them here.
  • If you don’t require the personal information of a customer to perform a service or help them with an enquiry, and they haven’t expressed a desire to be contacted about marketing offers, securely delete their personal information.
  • Train your staff on how to deal with questions about customers personal information. Customers are within their rights to request a copy of all of the information being held by a company, and to ask for it to be securely deleted.

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