15 Seconds to find an accredited Motor Body Repairer

15 Seconds to find an accredited Motor Body Repairer
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Finding an accredited motor body repairer has never been easier. Use our map to find an approved panel beater, refinish, alignment or valet specialist near you.

In under 15 seconds, you should be able to find a list of accredited panel beaters near you.

  • Remember to allow sambra.biz to access your location during your search.

What can you search for?

  1. Location. Choose the province you are in and set a kilometre radius around your current location to find a repairer nearest to you
  2. Car Make or Manufacturer. In the ‘Category’ field, choose either the name of the Car Manufacturer eg. VW, Audi, BMW, Mazda etc. or select the type of repair you need ie. Non-Structural or Structural. Not sure what type of repair you need, view our guide here
  3. Specific Keywords. If you know the name of the repairer, but just need contact or location details, enter the repairers’ name in the keyword field
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