SAMBRA Members setting & keeping standards high

SAMBRA Members setting & keeping standards high
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SAMBRA members are always striving for the highest standards. SAMBRA’s accreditation standards are recognized by all major Insurers and are often included in government regulatory documents as the industry standard.

Our members pledge to:

  • Perform high-quality repairs
  • Use genuine parts or parts authorized by you or your Insurer
  • Employ qualified personnel
  • Repair effectively rather than replace parts wherever possible
  • Furnish an itemized invoice for services rendered
  • Furnish a comprehensive warranty on all work performed
  • Obtain prior written authorization for all work done, or by other means satisfactory to the customer or their chosen Insurer
  • Exercise all reasonable care of the customer’s property whilst in our possession
  • Communicate effectively with customers during the repair process
  • Ensure that all members comply with the sector regulations and industry standards

For quality repairs and the highest industry standards find a SAMBRA Member near you today.

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