The importance of focusing on wellbeing

The importance of focusing on wellbeing
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Mental health and wellbeing are increasingly being brought into sharp focus, and organisations like SAMBRA are aware and concerned about the high levels of stress many of its members are operating under.

Charles Canning, SAMBRA National Chairman, says that while many of us understand the benefits of physical wellbeing by eating correctly and exercising regularly, mental wellbeing is not that clear cut. The Covid-19 pandemic was really the catalyst for making us aware of the high prevalence of stress and anxiety in our society and it has prompted many of us to start taking a much closer look at the issues we face personally and in the workplace.

Keeping Well To Understand Wellbeing

“As managers, how we understand wellbeing all starts by being a ‘well being’. That in itself is not always that easy,” he says.

A study by a leading wellbeing organisation in fact found that of all the leaders interviewed in a large industrial client, 69% admitted that they felt overwhelmed by the demands being made upon them, and said that they did not feel they could cope.

Challenges of mental wellness in the motor body repair sector

In the motor body repair sector, many members are also struggling with trying to balance the challenges of loadshedding and the other myriad of pressures facing the sector right now.

As managers, how we understand wellbeing all starts by being a ‘well being’. That in itself is not always that easy,” Charles Canning, SAMBRA National Chairman

“It’s never been clearer that our mental health is just as important as our physical health. And while the stigma of talking about mental health at work is starting to lessen, it’s still difficult to tell a manager you need a mental health day.”

Prioritising Wellbeing

Canning says SAMBRA is committed to making member and employee wellbeing a priority and is currently looking at various options which can be introduced into the workplace. “We don’t just want to pay lip service to the concept but really encourage our members to become more mindful of their wellbeing and that of their employees and more comfortable devoting time to this very key area. We will be reporting back as soon as we have investigated further and found what options are available,” he concludes.