SAMBRA Registration – Four Reasons To Become A Member

SAMBRA Registration – Four Reasons To Become A Member
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SAMBRA, the South African Motor Body Repairers’ Association is a professional association of  the Retail Motor Industry Organisation (RMI). Accredited members repair over 80% of all insured motor vehicle accident repair claims in South Africa.The variety of manufacturer approvals that many of our members have attained is proof of the superior standards that we uphold in the motor body repair  industry. As an association, we take pride in the quality workmanship that is being offered by our members.So, why else should you consider joining SAMBRA as a member? Here are four more reasons:

1. Exclusive Business Tools

Downloads, industry documents and more are available for SAMBRA accredited members. Gain access to valuable industry information, and the support of an area manager should you ever have industry-related questions.

Each member has their own dedicated Business Listing page on the SAMBRA website, which can be managed from the exclusive Members Portal. Each listing can be personalised. Members can add photographs and information and share their listing on social media platforms, to help promote their business.

A new addition to the SAMBRA Member Tool Box, is the soon to be launched SAMBRA Connect App. This app will be invaluable to members in helping them to establish and maintain client relationships, facilitating direct and clear communication.

The SAMBRA App has been developed to assist all SAMBRA members and the motoring public, whether insured or un-insured, to have access to a sophisticated mobile device App that allows them to connect with an accredited SAMBRA member. They can also send an email to their broker or Insurer when they are involved in an accident.

The App will allow the user to personalise their profile, add their preferred SAMBRA member, broker and insurer and from the scene of the accident or from home thereafter to send photos and an accident description to their broker or Insurer and to request a quotation from their chosen SAMBRA member.

More about the SAMBRA Connect App and its launch will be released soon.

2. Positive Public Awareness

The SAMBRA brand attracts work for your business. SAMBRA accredited members are seen by the South African public to be more reliable and trustworthy and recognised for their high quality workmanship and transparency. 


3. A Supportive Community

Regional representatives, industry professionals and members contribute towards a supportive, well-informed and diverse community. All of whom are working towards the common goal of offering the best quality repairs and elevating standards in the motor body repair industry.

4. A Proud Association of The RMI

The RMI is a proactive and relevant member-driven organisation. As a constituent member, SAMBRA and its members benefit from the RMI’s representation at centralised wage negotiations, various MIBCO and industry-related Boards, committee structures, The National Regulator Specifications (NRCS), and more. The RMI facilitates cross-sectional networking between associational members and businesses alike, encouraging business development and growth.

Members of the RMI also have access to professional industrial relations advice, training seminars such as labour relations seminars and are kept up-to-date on industry related topics and news via Automobil magazine and weekly web letters.

Apply To Become A Member

Are you ready to become an accredited member of the South African Motor Body Repairers’ Association, visit the How To Join page to view and download a Member Application form, or to request more information.