2022: A Year In Review

2022: A Year In Review
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It is almost time for the sun to set on another challenging and exciting year for SAMBRA and its members. Before we welcome in 2023, let’s take a look back at our year online and in the press.

SAMBRA’s Homepage (sambra.biz)

A thriving hub of activity, the SAMBRA website welcomed more than 28,000 visitors to the homepage this year. Of these 28k visitors, over 270,000 pages were viewed and SAMBRA-Accredited members were sought out more than 15,000 times through our custom Search For A Repairer map tool.

SAMBRA published and shared over 170 Consumer Education articles, Member Learning Guides, an Occupational Health & Safety resource, Government guidelines, Industry-specific podcasts, Videos, Jobs, CVs, events and more.

The most-visited articles and pages posted on the SAMBRA website in 2022 were:

How To Open A Panelbeating Business (9,476 views)
Careers (8,906 views)
How To Become A SAMBRA Member (4,317 views)
About Apprenticeships (2,245 views)
Consumer Education (2,209 views)

Public Relations

Our articles were also enthusiastically supported in local and national media across various print,
digital and broadcast channels. Consumer education helps build a strong brand presence with
customers and helps drive business to our member businesses. We were also successful in driving a
strong write off register agenda, culminating in our conference mid year. This has received sustained
coverage and positioned SAMBRA as an authoritative voice in the sector.

Over the year we have had some bumper placements. Here is what it looks like in numbers:

  • Number of placements: 714 across print, broadcast and online nationally
  • Reach: Just over 69 million people throughout the year
  • Value of PR Coverage: Approximately R22 million (the value of the coverage is worked out by taking the Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE) then multiplying by 3 to get the PR Value)

We have also assisted with member newsflashes to ensure members are well informed and kept up
to date on key issues impacting their sector. Alignment and leveraging content off our social
channels remains key for 2023.

Social Media

SAMBRA has a thriving community on three platforms – Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. These platforms are a supportive place to share and discuss motor body repair news, relevant to both SAMBRA members and the South African consumer. 

More than 270 posts were shared and seen over 13,900 times by the SAMBRA audience.

Join us on your preferred social platform. Click an icon below to follow us and be a part of the conversation in 2023.

Thank you for joining us this year! We look forward to sharing more informative, helpful and entertaining content about the Motor Body Repair and Automotive industry in 2022.