How To Open A Panelbeating Business

How To Open A Panelbeating Business
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Thinking of starting your own motor body repair business or wondering what requirements a repairer must meet to lawfully operate in the industry? Setting up a shop in the motor body repair business requires much consideration, but before taking the leap, potential business owners should compare the risks verse the rewards of owning independently or buying into a franchise.

SME Toolkit South Africa provide a detailed overview of starting a panel beating business in South Africa for budding motor body repair entrepreneurs. From the soft and hard skills required to set up and run the business, to licensing and regulatory considerations.

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Key Points

  • The entrepreneur should have both the training and expertise needed to run a successful panelbeating business from years of first-hand experience working in motor body repair
  • The entrepreneur should be enthusiastic about fixing cars, have a good head for numbers and be customer-focused
  • Location, location, location! The workshop should be easy to reach and clearly visible to a high concentration of vehicles
  • Be sure that the premises is zoned for industrial 2 business usage
  • Start-up costs will mainly come from the procurement of equipment. From vehicle lifts and jacks to protective equipment and clothing. Remember to do your numbers!
  • A review of regulations, licenses and permits
  • In the case of property rental, it is important to read the t’s & c’s of the rental agreement and challenge any provisions considered to be unfair or prejudicial
  • Ensure you have the right insurance to deal with the liability of running a panel beating
  • Market directly to consumers through various well-known platforms and via insurance companies
  • Apply for SAMBRA accreditation through the National Grading and Certification System

Adapted from an original article by SME Toolkit SA.