How To Get Your Customers Coming Back

How To Get Your Customers Coming Back

How To Get Your Customers Coming Back
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Mark Clark, a contributing writer of Body Shop Business, shares his insights on how to get those customers returning to your Body Shop time and time again.

Key Points


The importance of customer service cannot be underestimated at every stage of the repair process. Customers expect the best possible service and this factor alone can keep them returning time, after time. Great customer service will also ensure those customers recommend your body shop business to their friends and family.

Contact Points

All contact points matter to customers. Ensure that your online, phone and in-person presence show accurate and useful information.


A simple but up-to-date website is a key communication tool. (* If you do not yet have a website, make use of your SAMBRA profile page. Update it with key information including opening hours and recent photos. Use this page to share with customers and ask friends and family to share this page on their social media platforms).


Take time to answer the shop phone with a greeting that makes customers feel welcome and that they are calling the right place. A friendly voice where you can almost ‘hear’ the smile will make customers feel comfortable immediately.


The first impression and face of your business is your receptionist, who should immediately acknowledge the customer and take the time to listen and assist them as quickly as possible.

First Impressions – Facility & Waiting Room

Clean and tidy or messy and dirty? Either way, the customer will have this first impression imprinted in their minds. A comfortable, clean environment will speak to your customer of quality and care. In the waiting room communicate with your customers why you are the best choice for them. Make use of marketing materials and signs that speak of excellent quality, great customer service, and your business’s aims.


Departure is as important as the arrival. When the customers’ vehicle is ready to be handed back, walk with the customer to their vehicle and show them the repairs that have been completed. Speak with them and check they are satisfied with the repairs that have been completed. Point out, with pride, the work that your team has done and listen carefully to the customer’s comments before waving them goodbye.


So, what is the main message? All of the items mentioned contribute to the overall experience of the customer. It goes without saying that the quality of work on the vehicle must be excellent, but without setting the scene and making a great impression, the customer is unlikely to recommend your body shop again. Word-of-mouth recommendations are the most powerful, if subtle of marketing tools. So, make the most of your opportunities to get the message out about your business.

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